Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Listening to Radio Drama

Jacki Bubis
Radio Drama
Episode 7: Be Good of Cheer

I think the key to radio drama is simplicity and structure. The sentences do not run on and the body of the story is smooth without being dragged out. The words, sometimes comical, but always moral gave the listener a sense of wonderment, which kept my attention throughout. I must also pay attribute to Tim Slover—he was a wonderful narrator, whose soft voice and engaging accent was perfect for the Christmas tale.
            I felt as though I was a child again and hearing a bedtime story while listening to this piece. It’s acted out subtly and conversationally. I couldn’t picture it as a film, for the format in which the story was told was overall storyteller, thus there wasn’t the screenplay structure. For me, it was more like someone performing a monologue on stage, rather than a sitcom or something you would see on the big screen. It had the right amount of background music and sounds, where it took your attention when it needed to, then assimilated into the background. Overall, it was different in its form and required much more imagination.

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  1. I enjoyed his vocals, its very welcoming and I wouldn't mind hearing more of his work.