Sunday, July 14, 2013

Commentary - Zimmerman found not guilty

Veneese Mollison
Commentary (1:15)
Zimmerman found not guilty

A Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. This case drew national attention when Zimmerman, of Hispanic and white decent, approached Martin, a black teenager who he shot and killed. Zimmerman was an armed volunteer neighborhood watchman who initially called the police to report a suspicious person. The police dispatcher immediately told Zimmerman to back off and they would handle it. Against the advice of the police, Zimmerman followed Martin anyway. Over the course of the trial, Martin’s character was challenged with allegations of drug abuse.
Regardless of any history of drug use he was accused of, that young man did not deserve to die. Zimmerman did not report to the police that a suspected junkie was seen behaving irrationally, nor was he threatened. Martin never approached Zimmerman. In fact, because Zimmerman was following Martin, he looked suspicious to Trayvon. None of this would have happened if Zimmerman would have obeyed the instructions of the police and left Martin alone. The jury had the option of convicting Zimmerman of second-degree murder or even a lesser crime of man slaughter, instead they claim he was innocent. There was nothing innocent about George Zimmerman’s actions. He pursued and killed an unarmed young man. Our justice system is not perfect but the outcome of this trial was disgraceful.


  1. I was surprised on how the case was handled, and it did feel like it ended disgracefully. There was a lot of subjective situations and perhaps there could have been more evidence somehow.

  2. Definitely agree with Son! This trial was all over the place! You were very clear in your opinion!