Friday, May 31, 2013

Leaving Home-“Procrastination Station”

Jacki Bubis
Writing for Radio-Assignment 1
Leaving Home
“Procrastination Station”

I’m running late before I get out of bed in the morning. I have deemed myself, “Queen of the Snooze Button.” All hail. Even when I try to trick myself into being on time, like when I set my alarm fifteen minutes before usual, I still am walking out the door late—but waking up late isn’t the only participant in my procrastination to leaving my driveway. I move like a turtle, literally. Sometimes, I’m too tired to walk to the bathroom, so I crawl to it. It takes twice as long and most often I stop halfway to cuddle with my dog. Why do I do this? I don’t know, because I’m completely aware that I’m doing it. This morning, instead of starting my breakfast, I organized the cups in my cupboard according to size. It took me ten minutes to fill one of those cups with the coffee that I made after my (fung-shway) attack.

Home is never a place I want to leave; it’s a place I have to leave—and let me tell you, I only leave because I have to. I find myself weighing my options every morning: go to work or stay home and fall behind. Go to the store, or eat the baking soda in the back of the fridge. Make the drive to visit my boyfriend, or die alone. Sometimes, I’m willing to take the second option, but nine times out of ten, I end up leaving home to start my day—and as I leave, I count the hours until I’m be back.

Tyler Berry- Leaving Home essay

Tyler Berry
Writing For Radio
Leaving Home

What is home?

I often find myself asking, “Have I ever been ‘home?’” I always have felt that, no matter where I’ve been, I have not truly felt at home. Bouncing around from city to city, state to state, hoping to land somewhere that speaks to me, makes me feel comfortable.
My friends and family wonder why I am the way I am. They hope that I will settle down, make up my mind, and create a life for the future. But maybe this is my life. Maybe I am meant to be a nomad, continuously roaming the earth, never staying in one place too long. That would not be so bad, would it? Being 22 and one class away from finally graduating, this would be the perfect time to continue my seemingly endless journey across state lines.

Am I crazy? Should I hope for a normal life? What is ‘normal’ anyway? Normal might as well be synonymous with ‘boring.’ I don’t want to be boring. I want to live the kind of life that can be written about, and I want to be the one to write about it. I want to go the places that most people only see in pictures and fantasize about going to. I want to make the world my home.

Monica Hunt "Leaving Home" Radio Essay.

Monica Hunt
Radio Essay.
“Cowpies.” for the morning drive.

(Fun, light hearted.).
The small town life. Full of cowpies and hay bales. Where everyone knows who you are and if they can’t find any gossip on you, they’ll gossip about your dog. A place where you may believe only exists in movies, but, BAM! It’s right there, hours away from cities and civilization. Where the only thing that changes are the seasons.
Growing up in a small town, I always felt the need to get out as soon as possible. I would fantasize about the world outside of the corn fields. I craved the variety and diversity of what a city could bring. I had a game plan on exactly what I wanted and where I wanted to go. Columbia College in Chicago. And I couldn’t wait to leave.
City life was weird at first. It just felt like a long vacation, still feels that way sometimes. The small town that I used to hate for so many reasons, I started to see all the good in it. The smell of fresh air, the open fields, space to be alone and free, even the town that never changes. I’ve learned to appreciate where I’m from and the people that helped me to become who I am today. I won’t ever let my family know, but deep down I still am a country gal at heart.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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