Friday, May 31, 2013

Tyler Berry- Leaving Home essay

Tyler Berry
Writing For Radio
Leaving Home

What is home?

I often find myself asking, “Have I ever been ‘home?’” I always have felt that, no matter where I’ve been, I have not truly felt at home. Bouncing around from city to city, state to state, hoping to land somewhere that speaks to me, makes me feel comfortable.
My friends and family wonder why I am the way I am. They hope that I will settle down, make up my mind, and create a life for the future. But maybe this is my life. Maybe I am meant to be a nomad, continuously roaming the earth, never staying in one place too long. That would not be so bad, would it? Being 22 and one class away from finally graduating, this would be the perfect time to continue my seemingly endless journey across state lines.

Am I crazy? Should I hope for a normal life? What is ‘normal’ anyway? Normal might as well be synonymous with ‘boring.’ I don’t want to be boring. I want to live the kind of life that can be written about, and I want to be the one to write about it. I want to go the places that most people only see in pictures and fantasize about going to. I want to make the world my home.


  1. I really like this piece! It seems like your life isn't boring. It doesn't sound like it! I honestly think words like "normal" and "weird" have different definitions. Depending on who you talk to. If you are aware of not wanting to be normal, you will always be interesting. :):).

  2. Everyone has their own journey. You will find yourself, as I'm sure many people have said "you're young, you have plenty of time" etc. I truly commend you for graduating at the age of 22! I'm sure you'll have plenty of stories to tell.

  3. Tyler - I have not received your pieces in my email. Please send ASAP.

  4. Keep up the comments, everyone. Are your peers writing for the ear? Are they catching your attention? Are you reading out loud; does it make sense the first time?