Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Commentary: Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Son Vo
Commentary Assignment (1:15)
Legalizing Medical Marijuana

               Legalizing marijuana is favored by many to believe that it is good for medical reasons. Marijuana is very effective at relieving nausea and vomiting, but then there are many ways to prevent such situations. Marijuana is a very versatile, as it can relieve certain types of pain, help treat appetite loss, and relieve spasms and paralysis. While it does take care of many problems, it can also add more problems than what you already have. Using marijuana often can actually affect your short term memory. Even though it helps relax your muscles, it can actually impair your cognitive ability. Marijuana is known to increase risk of lung diseases but only if there is tobacco involved. Of course, smoked marijuana does have cancer causing compounds. It still doesn’t mean ache and addiction can ensue. Pain can come and go, but there’s always a possibility that pain can be long term. Marijuana is used for many centuries for medicinal purposes, but it can also lead to abuse and addiction. Which turn in point, can promote endless usage of it. Marijuana is known to be a safe choice compared to many prescription medications. However, it is also known to have a high percentage of automobile crashes and workplace accidents if it were to be used. People will still use it, but will they abuse it?

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  1. You did a really good job showing your opinion as well as recognizing the opposing opinion of others.