Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Listening to Radio Drama

I listened to the first episode in The Christmas Chronicles: A Christmas Radio Drama in 8 Episodes and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tim Slover’s writing and narration creates an engaging story clearly illustrated with his words. My favorite part about this radio drama is that Slover uses very descriptive and poetic words to create an image. But he doesn’t over describe details; Slover leaves room for the listener’s imagination to create a personal and unique world. In addition to being poetic, Tim Slover is also a great storyteller. In the short 27 min piece about Santa Clause, he created a dynamic and engaging piece. There was suspense around every corner with occasional touches of comedy.

The Radio Drama medium is an interesting one because it is such a simple art form. I thought of how I would react to this story if it was a film and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t last for 3 min if it were in a different medium. Sometimes film and television can be a sensory overload. There are sounds, flashes, sound effects, dialogue, soundtrack, commercial interruptions, and continually changing camera angles that disorient and distract. With this radio drama, the story was simple and straightforward.  I could actually tune out my other senses and just focus on listening and creating the images in my head. I really enjoy the radio medium.

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  1. I feel that today's modern movie they either try too hard or too little. Indeed, I see too many flashy movies more though. I certainly wouldn't mind radio drama because of its simplicity.